6 Gift Ideas for a Friend Mourning a Loved One

Grief is a normal way people deal with loss. It’s a feeling that every single person experiences at least once in their lifetime.


People experience and deal with grief differently. Whichever is the case, grief can take a toll on an individual’s emotional, mental and physical health.

Some symptoms of grief you can see in your loved one include:

  • Bitterness
  • Increased irritability
  • Inability to experience or express joy
  • Detachment
  • Numbness
  • Preoccupation with loss

A recent study was done by WebMD and Amerispeak, and it showed that about 57% of Americans are grieving due to their loss of a loved one, in the last three years.

One of the best things to do to console your grieving friend is to give them gifts. If you’re not sure what to give your friend or loved one to comfort them in grief, here’re gift ideas to consider:

Top 6 Gifts to Give a Grieving Loved One or Friend

Bird feeder

You can customize a bird feeder to make it look personalized to give to your friend or loved one. Bird feeders make good sympathy gifts.

Custom engraved bird feeders are awesome because you get to write the birth date and names of your friend or loved one. This way, it acts as a reminder that you care about the person you give the gift.

You can also engrave verses and poems to encourage your grieving friend. Personalized bird feeders are a unique gift, and your mourning friend is bound to appreciate it.

Water heater

Water heaters use a heat transfer process to warm and heat water. They’re an important appliance and can be a good gift for your grieving friend. Make sure you find the right tankless water heater to give your love done in grief.

Warm water has many benefits. For instance your mourning friend can warm water for drinking. Hot water improves digestion, it’s relaxing, and relieves congestion.

Bathing in hot water can also act as an aqua therapy for your mourning friend.  Warm water therapy allows users to engage in exercises in a pain-free way.

The following are some of the ways in which warm water can be used for therapy by your grieving friend:

  • Warm water improves blood circulation, and it helps to reduce inflammation in joints.
  • The awareness of the body of an individual gets stimulated by warm water.
  • Warm water also enhances the trunk and balance stability of a person during therapy.
  • Your grieved friends get to relax their muscles, enhancing calmness.

Water heaters are a perfect gift for your friends, and you can buy one for them if they don’t already have it. Also, if they have an old water heater that’s not functioning, see to it that you get them a better one.

Tumbler mug

Tumbler mugs are good gift items you can give your mourning friends. You can customize the mugs with writings or encouraging messages to personalize the gifts to your loved one’s tastes and preferences.

Your grieving friend or loved will appreciate that there’s someone who cares during such trying times. A good idea is printing your loved one’s name on a chosen tumbler mug to show that you care and think about them.


Think about it; keys are items that people walk with everywhere they go. Imagine engraving the name of your friend or loved one on a key chain and then gifting it to them. They’ll remember your act of kindness and expression of love each time they hold the keychain.

Keychains are cost-effective, and the entire process of personalizing it won’t cost you much. Therefore, if you’re tight on finances but still need to show sympathy to your grieving friend, keychains make the best gifts to buy for your friend.

Personalized throw blanket

The grieving process is energy-consuming. Persons dealing with grief often experience less energy levels during the grieving period.

Therefore, they usually need to get enough rest. It would be awesome if you gifted your loved one with a soft throw blanket that’s personalized and made specifically for them.

You can also go ahead to print words of encouragement on the throw blanket to show your support for them during the trying period.

Memorial plaque

You can also buy a memorial plaque as a gift for your friend. Memorial plaques are known for their reminder of memories. You can pick a design that you think your friend will prefer. Customize the memorial plaque to make it look personalized.

You can also engrave positive messages on the memorial plaque to keep your grieving friend strong during the trying moment.


Gifts are among the best ways to make sad people happy, or at least relieved. Physical gifts are long term, and every time the grieving person takes a look at them, they feel a sense of care from you.

It shows that you love them, and you care about how they feel. It also shows that you are with them in the grieving period and feel sorry for what has happened.

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