Helping A Friend In Need

May 08

Having friends means being there to enjoy the good times and support them in trying times. Helping a friend in need is one of the kindest acts of generosity you can give to another person. Letting your friend know they are not alone and do not have to bear the brunt of their burdens by themselves can help make stressful situations less taxing and frightening. There are many ways you can help a friend in need and many of them are simple, take just a few minutes and can make a real difference to your friend without causing a hardship on you.

Say A Prayer On Your Friend’s Behalf

Offer a prayer of support and care for your friend. If your friend is a person of faith, offer to pray with them. Sharing prayer can help strengthen your bond and affirm your faith. Often after spending time in prayer, people feel renewed and have a sense of hope. If your friend is not a person of faith, offer prayers on their behalf. If you are a member of a church, place your friend’s name on your prayer list and let the power of prayer uplift your friend in their time of need.

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Finding Jesus

May 08

Finding Jesus

It isn’t always easy to find your path, especially when you don’t know exactly what it is you are looking for. If you need the perfect example of that, you can consider my story. I was someone who was lost on the path of life, not knowing quite where to look. But after finding Jesus, I was able to get on the path that led me to a road of glory that has now changed my life.

Throughout my life, I never had the right direction or understanding of where to go. Because of this, I often found myself in places that I was uncomfortable with, and that I knew I shouldn’t have been in. I guess you could say that I ran with the wrong circles, which resulted in me making plenty or wrong decisions. Those decisions hurt everyone around me, even though at the time I didn’t realize it.

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Church Planting in the Anglican Mind

May 07

Church Planting in the Anglican Mind

When it comes to spreading the word of God and extending His love, one of the most exciting initiatives that I can think of is church planting. Church planting is exactly what it sounds like, and it occurs when an established church essentially uses its resources to set up a church in an area that needs it. Though the term itself is new, there is some evidence to show that this practice has been going on since the start of Christianity, when the Christian faith spread from Judea to distant Samaria.

Though Christianity is often spread to the persecution of Christians as they needed to flee from place to place, we should not underestimate the effect of a planned ministry. In distant times, church planting was something that actually went forth into the wilderness, but today, we find that it has more in common with opening a franchise, an analogy that I think is both correct and amusing.

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6 Gift Ideas for a Friend Mourning a Loved One

Aug 24

6 Gift Ideas for a Friend Mourning a Loved One

Grief is a normal way people deal with loss. It’s a feeling that every single person experiences at least once in their lifetime.


People experience and deal with grief differently. Whichever is the case, grief can take a toll on an individual’s emotional, mental and physical health.

Some symptoms of grief you can see in your loved one include:

  • Bitterness
  • Increased irritability
  • Inability to experience or express joy
  • Detachment
  • Numbness
  • Preoccupation with loss

A recent study was done by WebMD and Amerispeak, and it showed that about 57% of Americans are grieving due to their loss of a loved one, in the last three years.

One of the best things to do to console your grieving friend is to give them gifts. If you’re not sure what to give your friend or loved one to comfort them in grief, here’re gift ideas to consider:

Top 6 Gifts to Give a Grieving Loved One or Friend

Bird feeder

You can customize a bird feeder to make it look personalized to give to your friend or loved one. Bird feeders make good sympathy gifts.

Custom engraved bird feeders are awesome because you get to write the birth date and names of your friend or loved one. This way, it acts as a reminder that you care about the person you give the gift.

You can also engrave verses and poems to encourage your grieving friend. Personalized bird feeders are a unique gift, and your mourning friend is bound to appreciate it.

Water heater

Water heaters use a heat transfer process to warm and heat water. They’re an important appliance and can be a good gift for your grieving friend. Make sure you find the right tankless water heater to give your love done in grief.

Warm water has many benefits. For instance your mourning friend can warm water for drinking. Hot water improves digestion, it’s relaxing, and relieves congestion.

Bathing in hot water can also act as an aqua therapy for your mourning friend.  Warm water therapy allows users to engage in exercises in a pain-free way.

The following are some of the ways in which warm water can be used for therapy by your grieving friend:

  • Warm water improves blood circulation, and it helps to reduce inflammation in joints.
  • The awareness of the body of an individual gets stimulated by warm water.
  • Warm water also enhances the trunk and balance stability of a person during therapy.
  • Your grieved friends get to relax their muscles, enhancing calmness.

Water heaters are a perfect gift for your friends, and you can buy one for them if they don’t already have it. Also, if they have an old water heater that’s not functioning, see to it that you get them a better one.

Tumbler mug

Tumbler mugs are good gift items you can give your mourning friends. You can customize the mugs with writings or encouraging messages to personalize the gifts to your loved one’s tastes and preferences.

Your grieving friend or loved will appreciate that there’s someone who cares during such trying times. A good idea is printing your loved one’s name on a chosen tumbler mug to show that you care and think about them.


Think about it; keys are items that people walk with everywhere they go. Imagine engraving the name of your friend or loved one on a key chain and then gifting it to them. They’ll remember your act of kindness and expression of love each time they hold the keychain.

Keychains are cost-effective, and the entire process of personalizing it won’t cost you much. Therefore, if you’re tight on finances but still need to show sympathy to your grieving friend, keychains make the best gifts to buy for your friend.

Personalized throw blanket

The grieving process is energy-consuming. Persons dealing with grief often experience less energy levels during the grieving period.

Therefore, they usually need to get enough rest. It would be awesome if you gifted your loved one with a soft throw blanket that’s personalized and made specifically for them.

You can also go ahead to print words of encouragement on the throw blanket to show your support for them during the trying period.

Memorial plaque

You can also buy a memorial plaque as a gift for your friend. Memorial plaques are known for their reminder of memories. You can pick a design that you think your friend will prefer. Customize the memorial plaque to make it look personalized.

You can also engrave positive messages on the memorial plaque to keep your grieving friend strong during the trying moment.


Gifts are among the best ways to make sad people happy, or at least relieved. Physical gifts are long term, and every time the grieving person takes a look at them, they feel a sense of care from you.

It shows that you love them, and you care about how they feel. It also shows that you are with them in the grieving period and feel sorry for what has happened.

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Five Insights Christianity Brings to Politics

Aug 19

Christianity is a holistic message with implications for all areas of life. The Bible is very clear that it’s God who puts the rulers on the thrones. However, politics is a tricky business, and there are others with ulterior motives. Some believe that mixing Christianity and politics is killing the Church.

So, how does Christianity affect politics? Read on to find out.

1. Christian Democracy

Christian democracy has its roots in the teachings of the Catholic Church. The concept was authoritatively laid down by Pope Leo XIII in his Encyclical. It claims that real faith is best realized through a combination of pluralist politics and Christian social principles.

Christian democracy became a popular ideology after the end of World War 2. Many experts believe that Christian values and Christian democracy are not the past but the future. As such, the Church must be credited with a watchful care over all classes of society.

For many Christians, democracy demands a standard of unprecedented “moral” considerations. The political left has tended to focus on capitalism, but Christian democracy must become assertive again.

2. Christian Communism

Christian communism is a form of religious communism based on Christianity.

Communism emerged in history as a sworn and bitter enemy of Christianity. Communism, as a philosophical system, denies the existence of God. However, Christianity and communism have nearly similar spiritually and ideologically.

Until it became distorted in the 19th century, communism was Christian. The communist ideal continued to be put forward as a religious, millennial doctrine. Christian communism is based on a materialistic and humanistic view of politics. It challenges us to invite all Christian forces for action. The difference though, is that Christians are voluntarily charitable.

For many Christians, communism has shown up in politics under the guise of “liberation theology.” In practice, no less than in theory, communism is incompatible with Christianity.

3. Christian Socialism

Socialism is a political system in which all property is owned and controlled by the state. It started as a movement in the 19th century by Protestants in Europe, especially Britain. The doctrine generally refers to people on the Christian left whose beliefs are both Christian and socialist.

Imagine if your data that you input online through technology will be used by the government without you knowing and not including it in the actual policies. It can also refer to any governance structure that combines socialism’s objectives with the teachings of Christianity.  Christian socialism does not propose an economic doctrine or a program of reform. Instead, it’s a culturally variable ideology inhabiting the top of the LibLeft quadrant.

According to the socialist view, individuals do not live or work in isolation but live in a social environment. Therefore, it tries to do from without what can only come from within.

4. Christian Anarchism

A Christian anarchist is a person who follows the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.

The early Christians shared their money and labor equally and fairly among the members. It is grounded in the belief that there is only one source of authority.  It is also non-violent and pacifist.

In the pacifist tradition, Leon Tolstoy is regarded as an important proponent. There are many other proponents, such as Jacques Ellul, Vernard Eller, and Dave Andrews. Tolstoy’s Christian anarchism was a war on both Church and state.

The Sermon on the Mount is also used as the basis for Christian anarchism.

Christian anarchism argues that the best response to violence and injustice is the removal of central authority. The Christian anarchist also believes in “the abolition of church and state.”

5. Christian Libertarianism

Libertarianism is the idea that authorities should allow complete freedom. Liberalism and libertarianism have deep roots in Western thought. On the other hand, Christianity and libertarianism complement each other in many ways.

Christian libertarianism is a doctrine that studies Christian beliefs, free will, and human nature. Its supporters believe that it’s the most consistent expression of Christian political thought. They argue that even a “good” government empowered to enforce Christian ideals can become rogue. They also warm to the libertarian idea that taxation is theft. On the other hand, Christian libertarianism tends to be liberal on cultural and moral issues.

Christian libertarianism is the view that mature individuals are permitted total liberty under God’s law. Therefore, Christian libertarianism includes a range of theories seeking to roll back collectivism.

Its abandonment of traditional social categories is regarded as a threat to Western civilization.


As Christians in today’s complicated world, it’s easy to get caught up in all the political fervor. Therefore, you will inevitably encounter tensions between your faith and politics.

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How to Improve Your Faith and Spiritual Life

Jul 24

How to Improve Your Faith and Spiritual Life

One of the main reasons for human existence is a belief in God, the Mightiest, and most Supernatural Being.

Humans are inclined towards faith and spirituality. However, in the current world, it’s becoming more difficult and confusing to nourish the soul.

The main challenge is how to feed the soul and nourish your faith. Here’re the ways you can improve your faith and spiritual life:

  • Appreciate your blessings
  • Take part in group prayers
  • Give back to the community
  • Pray and fast regularly
  • Be loving to others
  • Focus on your priorities
  • Meditate on scriptures, and the lessons learned from them
  • Be disciplined
  • Learn to choose wisely
  • Love nature
  • Live a healthy lifestyle

11 Tips to Improved Faith and a Better Spiritual Life

1. Count and appreciate your blessings

Most of the time, humans don’t appreciate the little blessings that life brings. Determine each blessing, no matter how small it is. Appreciate your daily blessings consistently for even a week.

You’ll realize how your life has changed and even feel more spiritual.

2. Engage in group prayers

Join prayer groups to help improve your faith and spirituality.

Doing things on your own makes it easy to backslide on your faith. But, if you’re part of a group, your mates may urge, encourage, and advise you on life issues.

Some of the ways you can nurture a shared prayer routine include taking part in prayer chains, being a regular attendee of prayer groups, and making those around you know that you’re part of such noble groups.

3. Give back to the community

Take part in activities inclined towards serving the community. Let the responsibilities you take towards helping the community be free without expecting material pay.

Follow the paths of those who served God and their communities, as illustrated in the holy books.

4. Live a healthy lifestyle

You are what you eat and how you conduct yourself.

Eating healthily and observing a balanced diet makes you healthy. When you’re healthy, you appreciate the kindness of God towards you.

The more you appreciate God, the more your faith and spiritual life improves. Eat a healthy, balanced diet, and perform regular exercises to live a healthy life. This gives you ample time to focus your energy on God and improving your inner self.

You can also use supplements such as shark tank keto pills for desirable effects in your body and life in general.

5. Pray and fast regularly

The holy books mention how prophets and righteous people fasted and prayed whenever they needed help from God. With these two methods of supplication to God, your needs are automatically answered.

Suppose you’re seeking to improve your faith and spiritual life, fast and pray. You can ask God to help and guide you in your new journey during the prayers.

6. Be loving to others

Spread the gift of love anywhere you are. Start with your own home since charity begins at home.


Love is one way of offering charity to others. Express God’s love and kindness towards people through love for everyone, no matter their social status.

7. Focus on your priorities

Find the difference between the right things in life and things that are nothing but illusions. After identifying what you need in life, shift your focus to it, and give it all your energy. 

If what’s important is your family, helping people, being good, or doing anything better, do it.

Identify the good things in life, do them, and let them inspire your life.

Focus on positivity.

8. Meditate on scriptures, and the lessons learned from them

In your life, find time to meditate on scriptures. When sad, read verses that are comforting. But, if you feel like you’re deviating from the right path of God, read scriptures that remind you of the forgiveness of God and the importance of remaining on the right path.

Make it a habit to recite verses from the holy books and learn from them.

9. Be disciplined

Don’t be unreliable. If you promise yourself to start doing something, go ahead and consistently do it. Be committed to your courses and follow through each and every good decision that you make.

Do this to all your endeavors, whether they’re small or big commitments.

10. Learn to choose or make decisions wisely

God gave you a brain and the power to make wise choices. Learn to exercise this freedom of choice in a wise way. Whenever you’re caught up in a tough situation, choose to focus on positivity and abandon any negative thoughts that may cross your mind.

Choose to always focus on the best, even if life throws the worst at you.

11. Develop some love for nature

Take some time to explore nature. The wise men of the past used to love spending time in nature. They reflected on life and came up with nice lessons during such moments.

Look at the magnificent creatures of God and appreciate their presence. Appreciate how wonderful God must be wise and knowledgeable to create all the magnificence in the heavens and the earth.


There are so many things you can do to improve your spiritual life. If you’re looking forward to strengthening your commitment to God, rediscovering your abandoned spiritual life, or even considering the favors of God, but the tips above into action.

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Improve Your Prayer Room with Photos, Aquariums and Lighting

Aug 11

Improve Your Prayer Room with Photos, Aquariums and Lighting

Culture and religion are important aspects of life that make us remember who we are as human beings. Sometimes, they tend to get forgotten in life’s busy schedule. This is not good, because without them, we will lose sight of who we are. Having a prayer room is a good way to ensure that these traditions are not lost. If we take a bit of time from the day to pray, the world might become a better place. There are ways of making your prayer room more welcoming, and you can read on to find out how!

Add Photographs

Having photographs to look at can remind you of who it is that you are praying for. It could be your friends, or family, or even your co-workers. Having your loved ones looking on while you pray can be a comforting experience. It may feel as though they are there with you, which is a nice thought. If you prefer to look at religious photographs, you could keep those in the room instead. You can use whatever it is that you enjoy looking at while you are in the quiet space.

Have an Aquarium

This may seem like an odd choice, but there is reason behind it. Fish and turtles in a tank can have a soothing effect on people who are in the room. Simply getting lost in your thoughts as you watch them move around can be very relaxing. It can be easier for you to feel closer to your God when you are in a relaxed state of mind. If you choose to go for a turtle, do a bit of research on the equipment they need first. Getting a filter for your turtle tank is one of the first steps you should take.

Use Good Lighting

This tip is especially aimed at parents who are encouraging their children to start using the prayer room. To a child, a dark and quiet room may seem very intimidating. If you want your child to connect with their religion, you need to make the space seem more welcoming to them. Include good lighting in the room so that they are not afraid to go in. You could also put a dimmer in so that you can change the light to suit your preference. If you would rather pray in semi-darkness, the light can easily be adjusted.


Your prayer room is a sacred place in the home, and it should be treated as such. However, there are always ways to tailor it to your needs. You could try adding photographs, an aquarium, or improve the lighting if you wanted to change the feel of the room. This is the space where you will go to feel closer to your health and your God. Therefore, it should be a comfortable and relaxing environment. Your children will also enjoy prayer time if they feel safe coming into the room on their own.

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God and Health: How the Two Relate

Jul 13

God and Health: How the Two Relate

God has a plan for all of us, and we should really be in our best shape if we want to make sure that plan can be executed. If God made us in his image, it’s unlikely he meant for us to be exhausted, overweight, and with bad posture.

But are these issues which are easy to fix? Once we have moved away from the original state of our temples, can the damage be fixed? Of course, it can, all it takes is faith, hard work and maybe a little help.

Those Extra Pounds


Willpower, my friends. Willpower is all you need here. Eat less, exercise more, and get closer to God. In my research, I’ve found one of the biggest culprits of weight gain, in both adults and children, are carbohydrates. In particular, simple sugars like those found in candy or likely the kind you may stir into your coffee.

These sugars have been modified from their original, natural state. In this simple form, the sugars are easily absorbed into the body and converted into fat, if not burned for energy first. Complex sugars, like those found in plants and such, before refining, are more complex. The body takes more time to break them down, meaning it has time to burn them before absorbing them.

When looking at this, it’s easy to see the glory of God in everything in nature.

Standing Up Straight

So many of the physical pains in our life can be attributed to our backs. Poor posture can lead to lower back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and even pain in other parts of the body due to the stresses required to compensate. The big question is, “Why are you slouching?”

Are you depressed and feeling alone? Do you spend too much time sitting? Do you need to find time to get closer to God? These are questions only you can answer, but once you do you’ll have taken the first step toward correcting your posture.

Once you’ve determined the cause, the next step is to fix it. Some conditions may need a help, perhaps even something such as a posture-correcting brace like those from Perfect Postur. Others can simply require a change of habit. Forcing yourself to sit up straight and keep your back in a proper position while walking can make all the difference in the world.

Your Mental State

If you’re feeling depressed, it’s going to be hard to feel the desire to spread the word of God. God is always with you, even in your saddest times, so you can take some solace in that. Should more be required of you, keep in mind that mental health is just as important as physical health, and there are doctors for that, as well. In fact, most insurance packages will cover a visit to a psychiatrist, should that be something you desire.

Additionally, prayer is a good fix for issues like this. Communicating with our Heavenly Father, knowing he can hear you, is a great way to lift the spirits and get your smiling again.

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Fun Ways to Take Care of the Body God Gave You

Mar 13

Fun Ways to Take Care of the Body God Gave You

Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, and God instructs us to do what we can to protect their integrity. While we often associate this with not smoking, limiting drinking, and eating right, it’s also important that we get plenty of exercise. However, let’s face it. After a long day, it can be difficult to muster the motivation to hit the gym. If this describes you, there are a few fun ways you can take care of the body God gave you that you’ll find yourself exciting to engage in.

Buy a Trampoline


The investment of a trampoline can help you burn calories while you have fun, and it’s also a great way to encourage the family to spend more time together. As you bounce up and down and experience the unusual weightlessness that comes with a good jump, you can burn as many as 407 calories per hour jumping at a moderate pace. You’ll likely be surprised when you wake up sore the next day as you’ll be having too much fun to even realize the physical challenge you present your body while jumping.

Go On Motorcycle Rides

Riding a motorcycle is a great way to unwind after a long day. Whether or not you’ve ever ridden one, you may want to consider learning once you realize that it’s considered a low-impact exercise that can provide a number of health benefits including:

  • Increasing strength in the neck, knees and thighs
  • Increased core strength
  • Enabling you to burn 50 calories per hour just due to the effort necessary to stay on the bike

It’s important to note that you should keep safety in mind as the odds of crashing increase on a motorcycle. It’s important that you spend a little extra on motorcycle helmets to ensure your protecting yourself.

Hiking With Loved Ones

In such a busy world, it can seem difficult to balance your time and ensure the ones you love get to make new memories with you on a regular basis. A great way to achieve this while increasing your exercise level is to set time aside for hiking with the ones you love the most. Whether this be with friends from church, your children, or even your dog, you’ll get the chance to explore nature, talk, and provide your body with the locomotion it needs in an increasingly sedentary society. In the event you don’t have time for a hike, even just 15 minutes of brisk walking on your lunch break can help you log an entire mile.

Exercise Doesn’t Have to be a Chore

While some people do find enjoyment out of hitting the gym and engaging in traditional means of exercise, this simply gets monotonous for many others. In fact, studies have revealed that, among the people who set fitness goals, 73 percent give up prior to completion. This is due largely to the fact that they lose interest. However, when you incorporate these clever tricks, you can essentially “trick” your body into actually enjoying exercise to properly take care of the temple that is your body.

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Taking Care of Your Body the Way God Intended

Jan 24

Taking Care of Your Body the Way God Intended

It’s stated in Genesis that God created us in His own image, and He refers to our bodies as temples. However, it can be easy to neglect the proper care He intended for us to take when it comes to the body we were given. Especially in our current modern age, it is too easy to swing by a convenient store for a snack or slack off on exercise.

Whether it’s been awhile since you’ve taken inventory of your personal health and habits or you are just checking in to see if you’re doing everything you can to stay healthy, there are three ways you can take care of your body the way God intended well worth taking into consideration.

1. Ensure Proper Sleep

sleep-55792_640Life is busy, and it’s likely you have a long to-do list that awaits you each and every morning. It can seem that there aren’t enough hours in the day to ensure the full eight hours of sleep recommended by the National Sleep Foundation.

An aspect of sleep that many don’t realize is that the body temperature cools slightly as you drift off. In order to encourage this process to fall asleep more quickly and enjoy a higher quality of sleep, consider purchasing a mattress cooling topper. These devices are developed for comfort and are able to accelerate the cooling process. To find the high quality topper best suited to meet your specific needs, be sure to take the time to read reviews.

2. Changing Your Perception of Exercise

exerciseMost of us are aware that we need to get ample exercise, but few face the gym with enthusiasm. That’s because a large percentage of gym-goers work out with the sole purpose of losing weight. However, if you change your perception of exercise and focus on the way it makes you feel, you may find you actually look forward to that solitary time spent by yourself. This can be a chance to unwind, reflect on the day, and meditate on positive thoughts. Just a few other benefits you can enjoy include:

  • Increased energy
  • Better ability to fall and stay asleep
  • Improvement of circulation

3. Purify Using Proper Water Intake

drinking-filtered-waterWe see commercials everywhere advertising a number of beverages. From juices and energy drinks to soda and more, we certainly have plenty of options. However, what the body truly needs is water. Most other drinks on the market have additives that do more harm than good. It’s recommended that the average person drink eight glasses of water on a daily basis.

This may seem like a lot, but there’s something you must understand. When the body isn’t getting the proper hydration, it stores water, and this adds weight to your body and makes you look and feel heavier. Once you begin supplying the body with the water it needs, it will begin eliminating built up water storages. This also helps in flushing toxins from the body. Just a few other benefits of getting proper hydration include:

  • Better ability to fight fatigue
  • Reduction of high blood pressure
  • Decrease in symptoms of allergies and asthma
  • Reduction of acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, and premature aging of the skin
  • Decrease in high cholesterol
  • Increase in the ability of the joints and cartilage to repair themselves

During the beginning stages of proper water intake, don’t be surprised if you experience temporary, painless diarrhea as this is the body ridding itself of unnecessary water storage.

Preserving Your Temple

You have one body, and this is the vessel God has provided you to help Him do His work on Earth. There are multiple verses in the Bible likening the body to a temple, and this represents a holy place to be well taken care of. While life is busy and it can seem difficult to keep up with everything while incorporating healthful habits, it’s easier to accomplish than you may think. All it takes is baby steps on a consistent basis. By starting off with these three tips, you can be on your way to living an exciting life full of energy and vitality to fulfill your works on Earth.

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What the Homeless Need & We Take For Granted

Nov 08

What the Homeless Need & We Take For Granted

Homeless people are defined by the Department of Housing and Urban Development as people who are living either on the streets or in shelters, in addition to those who are at a high risk of losing their current home. Every year, about 2 million people in the US are living without a conventional residence. An estimated 25% of the homeless are children.

Causes of homelessness can range from low-paying jobs to substance abuse and untreated mental illness. Regardless of the reason, people who are homeless often have little to no access to everyday care that others may take for granted. Whether it be professional dental visits, everyday care like brushing and water-flossing or oral care  information such as what is offered at, homeless people have a right and a need for proper dental care.

man-smilingHomeless people are twelve times more likely to have more throughout their teeth, as well as missing teeth, than the general population. People with an unstable residence are about six times more likely to have dental issues than those with a long-term residence. Homeless people have intensive dental problems that only get worse, however they do not have the means to fix them. With 83% of the homeless population not having a professional cleaning within the last 4 years, their rate of poor dental health is high.

Oftentimes, homeless children have never seen a dentist. This leads to pain and infections in the children that could otherwise be prevented. Studies have shown that dental hygiene is very important in getting a homeless person back on their feet.
Missing and decayed teeth diminish self-esteem, which can then hurt a person’s ability to get a job, eat, and return to society. It can be an embarrassing thing for homeless people to deal with along with their other struggles.

bad-teethBecause it may be difficult to carry around teeth cleaning supplies, and with uncertain access to clean water sources, homeless people often give up on their oral health. Inadequate nutrition further adds to the reduction of oral health. Missing teeth may also cause dietary limitations that affect overall health.

Pregnant women who are homeless may have nutrient deficiencies that impair the development of their baby’s teeth, especially during the initial phases of tooth growth. This is not a good or fair start to a baby’s life. It is important for pregnant women to eat a well-balanced diet because a baby’s teeth begin development between the 3rd and 6th months of the pregnancy. Nutrients such as vitamins A, C, and D, as well as protein, calcium, and phosphorous are needed in a woman’s diet to produce healthy teeth in the baby.

girl smilingAmong all of the vulnerable populations in the US, homeless have the least access to
any reasonable health services. Not only do healthcare providers not want to spend their time with patients without money or health insurance, they are also reluctant to have homeless people in their private offices during normal office hours when other patients are present. Many want to offer some help but are unsure how. Some dentists have made an effort to provide their services outside of the office, but that is not a national trend that is gaining popularity.

While most homeless families are eligible for dental care through Medicaid and CHIP, this often does not cover a wide range of localities or families and the coverage varies by state.

People who have access to regular dental care may think of it as a painful thing to go through, but it is really something that is taken for granted. Although visiting a dentist may be unpleasant, not having access to dental care results in a much more painful experience in the long run; Some food for thought the next time you are sitting in a dentist chair. Everyday dental hygiene should be taken advantage of if there is access to it, including brushing twice a day and flossing on a regular basis. There are modern tools, such as water flossers, that make dental hygiene easy and effective.

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Personal Stewardship Goals

Sep 19

Personal Stewardship Goals

While we take the time to consider whether or not we’re following the Ten Commandments and presenting a good example for those outside the church, there’s an aspect of Christianity that can be easy to overlook. Genesis 2:15 states that, “The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it.”.

It’s expected that, for the physical blessings we receive in life, we do our best to take care of them and exhibit proper, responsible stewardship. This requires self-discipline, but anyone with the motivation to increase their faith through action can follow some simple tips to ensure they’re doing what they can.

Make an Impact on the Block

battery operated weed trimmerThe first thing anybody sees when they visit your property is your lawn, and it’s important that yours is aesthetically pleasing. However, with busy schedules, it can prove difficult to spend enough time on landscaping efforts to make a significant difference.  Fortunately, there are a variety of helpful products available to take much of the hard work out of the equation. Just a few tools you can consider adding to your arsenal include:

  • Battery-operated weed eater
  • Edging shears
  • Turfing iron
  • Half-moon cutter
  • Besom

The Internet has made it easier than ever to find the latest in lawn care technology, and you can use this tool to ensure you have the most efficient products currently on the market. From lawn mower blade replacements to using a battery powered string trimmer and more, you can easily find just what you’re looking for.

Healthful Choices

veganWe often overlook our physical well-being. However, God made each of us in His own image, and it’s important that we respect the physical body he gave us to perform His works here on Earth.
We live in a society where modern conveniences have taken a lot of work out of our daily lives. This means that it’s often necessary to set aside time to take part in an adequate exercise regimen. This can be difficult with a busy schedule, but an excellent way to make time is to wake up just 45 minutes to an hour early for a jog or bike ride. Not only will this help you maintain health, but it’s also been suggested that you’ll feel more energized throughout the day by sacrificing that small amount of additional sleep for a good morning workout.

Exercise and diet go hand-in-hand when it comes to the maintenance of good health, and you should take some time to carefully consider what you’re putting into your body. A few helpful tips to keep in mind as you prepare your next meal or shopping list include:

  • Create a base rich in carbohydrates.
  • Eat a variety of foods to ensure you receive all the essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Shop primarily on the outer walls of the grocery store as these are typically the areas where the healthful foods your body really needs will be placed.
  • Reduce portion sizes rather than eliminating foods all together.

More information can be found regarding health and nutrition on Health Canada’s website.

A Shining Example

harvestingNearly 24 percent of Canadian residents don’t declare a religious affiliation. For them, Christian customs can be confusing. However, actions speak louder than words, and your stewardship could prove to be an initiating factor in someone else’s interest in the way you live your life. God has provided you with many blessings, and it’s up to you to care for them. By following these tips, you can better achieve overall satisfaction in the only physical life you have to live.

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Helping Your Church Grow

Feb 27

Helping Your Church Grow

Do you find yourself attending your church every Sunday and watching less and less people show up? I have been going through this for the past few years. I attend a very small church in the small community where I live. Each month, it seems like less people are coming to church to worship our lord and saviour Jesus Christ. So, what can we do about this? How can we help our churches that seem to have less of an audience each month?

Work On Your Welcome

At one point in time you were the new person in church. You may have had your worries such as if anyone would talk to you, what happens if your child cries, or even something as small as where to sit. Did someone greet you at the door or at your pew and make you feel welcome? This is the type of thing that will bring more people to your church, the passion and interest of your fellow church-goers and pastor. If people feel as if they are not being welcomed with open arms, they aren’t going to continue to attend and they won’t bring in newcomers. If you are trying to bring more people into your church, make sure they are feeling welcome. Call them after church and thank them for attending and ask them if there is anything they can do.

Add An Extra Service

According to research, once 80% of the seating in a venue is in use, the congregation stops growing. New people don’t want to walk into a church that is full because they may feel uncomfortable or unwanted. So, this is why if the option is available, add a new worship time or move into a larger building. You can also add morning and evening services. You may notice that attendance will quickly fill up in the new service without any difference to the other services. Sometimes, people just can’t make it to a morning service which is why the afternoon or evening service may be better for them.

Invest In Young People

More than 80% of Christians make a commitment to Christ before they are 18-years old. So think about it, if you recruit younger members, they will most likely stay with the church for a longer period of time. If the younger people are purposefully placed into visible leadership roles and provided mentoring, they will be successful in their roles within the church. The church should be invested in reaching and keeping young people active in the community.



Yes, praying for church growth is an option. When you see a church growing, that means that there is a solid foundation of prayer being the strategies and programmes. For most churches, the first key into their transition to growth is emphasised on prayer. One thing to remember is that praying for growth also means that expectations are going to rise. Churches tend to forget what it feels like to grow when they become inward-looking.

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