Improve Your Prayer Room with Photos, Aquariums and Lighting

Culture and religion are important aspects of life that make us remember who we are as human beings. Sometimes, they tend to get forgotten in life’s busy schedule. This is not good, because without them, we will lose sight of who we are. Having a prayer room is a good way to ensure that these traditions are not lost. If we take a bit of time from the day to pray, the world might become a better place. There are ways of making your prayer room more welcoming, and you can read on to find out how!

Add Photographs

Having photographs to look at can remind you of who it is that you are praying for. It could be your friends, or family, or even your co-workers. Having your loved ones looking on while you pray can be a comforting experience. It may feel as though they are there with you, which is a nice thought. If you prefer to look at religious photographs, you could keep those in the room instead. You can use whatever it is that you enjoy looking at while you are in the quiet space.

Have an Aquarium

This may seem like an odd choice, but there is reason behind it. Fish and turtles in a tank can have a soothing effect on people who are in the room. Simply getting lost in your thoughts as you watch them move around can be very relaxing. It can be easier for you to feel closer to your God when you are in a relaxed state of mind. If you choose to go for a turtle, do a bit of research on the equipment they need first. Getting a filter for your turtle tank is one of the first steps you should take.

Use Good Lighting

This tip is especially aimed at parents who are encouraging their children to start using the prayer room. To a child, a dark and quiet room may seem very intimidating. If you want your child to connect with their religion, you need to make the space seem more welcoming to them. Include good lighting in the room so that they are not afraid to go in. You could also put a dimmer in so that you can change the light to suit your preference. If you would rather pray in semi-darkness, the light can easily be adjusted.


Your prayer room is a sacred place in the home, and it should be treated as such. However, there are always ways to tailor it to your needs. You could try adding photographs, an aquarium, or improve the lighting if you wanted to change the feel of the room. This is the space where you will go to feel closer to your health and your God. Therefore, it should be a comfortable and relaxing environment. Your children will also enjoy prayer time if they feel safe coming into the room on their own.

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